Trainer: Scott Singleton

Trainer Locations
Toowoomba, 4350
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
4th of 11
TWBA 03Jun00
Late Model Dancer
TWBA 03Jun00 1000m Good3 2Y MDN $9,000 ($450) Chris Maund 54kg (cd 54.5kg) Barrier 11
1st Who's My Dad 56.5kg, 2nd Out to Destroy 54kg 1:01.11 (600m 36.25), 6.3L, 4-1/6-1/8-1
3rd of 9
GOON 13May00
Late Model Dancer
GOON 13May00 900m Good3 MDN $3,600 ($400) Mr Wayne Glass 55kg Barrier 8
1st Zula Gal 56kg, 2nd Why Daisy 53kg 0:52.23, 0.6L, 6-4/4-5
3rd of 8
TWBA 29Apr00
Late Model Dancer
TWBA 29Apr00 1003m Soft5 MDN $7,000 ($700) L Mccoy (a) 53kg (cd 50.5kg) Barrier 3
1st Princess Rautai 53kg, 2nd Vainqueur 56.5kg 1:02.79 (600m 37.72), 2.3L, 7-2/5-1/7-1
5th of 12
TWBA 08Apr00
Late Model Dancer
TWBA 08Apr00 1015m Good3 MDN $6,875 Ron Goltz 53.5kg Barrier 4
1st Sir Cruz 55.5kg, 2nd Photism 54kg 1:01.64 (600m 36.48), 6.2L, 2-1/7-2/4-1
13th of 14
TWBA 18Mar00
Late Model Dancer
TWBA 18Mar00 1213m Good3 2Y MDN $10,000 Michael Aspinall 54.5kg Barrier 2
1st Wanchai Lady 53kg, 2nd Cleo's Chariot 55kg 1:14.12 (600m 36.75), 17.6L, 10-1/25-1/25-1
7th of 10
TWBA 11Sep99
Sober Poet
TWBA 11Sep99 1122m Soft7 MDN $6,250 Lee Roberts 53kg Barrier 3
1st Eggshells 53.5kg, 2nd Greek Edition 56.5kg 1:11.70 (600m 38.41), 5.6L 14-1
5th of 9
TWBA 07Aug99
Sober Poet
TWBA 07Aug99 1213m Good3 CGE MDN $6,250 Lee Roberts 53.5kg Barrier 3
1st Boldon 56kg, 2nd Paddy Dapper 54.5kg 1:15.10, 6.6L 12-1
4th of 12
ESK 17Jul99
Sober Poet
ESK 17Jul99 1200m Soft7 MDN $3,000 ($100) Ms Patricia Gesler 54.5kg Barrier 8
1st Jonadab 55kg, 2nd Call to Dance 54kg 1:13.95, 5.3L 4-1
8th of 12
DALB 24Jun99
Sober Poet
DALB 24Jun99 1100m Soft5 MDN $4,600 Lee Roberts 54.5kg Barrier 10
1st Rocklea Rocket 53.5kg, 2nd Sir Raimondo 54.5kg 1:06.50, 10.3L, 8-1/6-1
8th of 10
WAND 29May99
Mighty Kingston
WAND 29May99 1000m Good MDN $3,610 Ms Rebecca Kerwin 53kg (cd 51kg) Barrier 6
1st Bronsett 54.5kg, 2nd Grand Aspect 56.5kg 0:58.70, 9.2L 10-1
8th of 10
TEXS 15May99
Mighty Kingston
TEXS 15May99 800m Firm2 MDN $2,800 Chris Clarke 53kg Barrier 8
1st Red Vest 57kg, 2nd Proud Slot 53kg 0:46.00, 8.6L 8-1
8th of 10
BURR 08May99
Mighty Kingston
BURR 08May99 800m Fast MDN $3,900 Ms Patricia Gesler 54kg (cd 54.5kg) Barrier 3
1st Karioi Forever 52kg, 2nd Flying Opera 54.5kg 0:45.53, 8.4L 12-1
9th of 10
BELL 27Mar99
Mighty Kingston
BELL 27Mar99 900m Good3 MDN $2,800 Ms Patricia Gesler 54.5kg Barrier 6
1st Pride of Nareeb 52.5kg, 2nd Veleta Belle 54kg 0:51.36, 11.8L 14-1
12th of 12
WARW 26Sep98
Mighty Kingston
WARW 26Sep98 800m Soft5 MDN $3,000 Lee Roberts 53kg Barrier 1
1st Mock Sovereign 53.5kg, 2nd Red Vest 57kg 0:46.70, 12.5L 14-1
7th of 7
GATT 27Aug98
Mighty Kingston
GATT 27Aug98 860m Soft5 MDN $5,000 Lee Roberts 54kg Barrier 3
1st Aces Up 50.5kg, 2nd Fish for Tea 51kg 0:51.89, 8.5L, 3-1/9-1
8th of 16
E FM 20May98
Sober Poet
E FM 20May98 1500m Soft5 3&4Y MDN $10,000 Mr Phillip Wolfgram 54.5kg Barrier 2
1st Lirico 54kg, 2nd Phantom Bay 55kg 1:32.60 (600m 38.70), 6.3L, 5th@800m, 5th@400m, 7-1/10-1
4th of 12
E FM 28Apr98
Sober Poet
E FM 28Apr98 1400m Soft7 3&4Y MDN $10,000 ($500) Mr Phillip Wolfgram 54.5kg Barrier 7
1st Cristal 53.5kg, 2nd Arkansas (NZ) 55.5kg 1:25.70, 2L, 4th@800m, 4th@400m 20-1
12th of 12
TWBA 28Mar98
Rusty Bulldog
TWBA 28Mar98 1100m Good3 CGE MDN $10,000 Ms Patricia Gesler 55kg Barrier 12
1st Garuda Prince 57kg, 2nd Prince Hakeem 56kg 1:07.42 (600m 36.47), 19.9L 20-1
5th of 12
TWBA 28Mar98
Sober Poet
TWBA 28Mar98 1100m Good3 CGE MDN $10,000 Ron Goltz 55.5kg Barrier 4
1st Garuda Prince 57kg, 2nd Prince Hakeem 56kg 1:07.42 (600m 36.47), 7.2L 12-1
6th of 8
ESK 13Mar98
Rusty Bulldog
ESK 13Mar98 800m Good3 MDN $4,000 Ms Patricia Gesler 56kg Barrier 1
1st Tanviere 53.5kg, 2nd Sequita Rose 51.5kg 0:45.00, 12.1L, 4-1/6-1
13th of 15
FLEM 06Nov97
Sober Poet
FLEM 06Nov97 1400m Good3 1MW-LY $51,000 Jeremy Walsh 52.5kg Barrier 8
1st He's Regal 52.5kg, 2nd Cripidis 52.5kg 1:23.18, 11L, 9th@800m, 11th@400m, 100-1/125-1
4th of 14
BRAT 30Sep97
Sober Poet
BRAT 30Sep97 1200m Good3 MDN-SW $6,000 ($300) Mark Goring 53.5kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 1
1st Alarok 57kg, 2nd Barkley 53.5kg 1:12.10, 7L, 4th@800m, 5th@400m, 6-1/12-1
2nd of 9
ECHA 21Sep97
Sober Poet
ECHA 21Sep97 1100m Soft5 CL1 $5,000 ($1,000) Mark Goring 53kg (cd 51.5kg) Barrier 8
1st Flying Stage 53.5kg, 3rd Staseemaree 54kg 1:05.90, 3L, 6-1/8-1
5th of 11
BDGO 15Jul97
Sober Poet
BDGO 15Jul97 1300m Soft7 2Y HCP $6,000 Mr Terry Barry 54kg Barrier 3
1st Sable 54kg, 2nd Mr. Zem 52.5kg 1:21.60, 6.7L, 2nd@800m, 1st@400m, 16-1/33-1